If you do not pay attention to these 5 things, a divorce may happen

If you do not pay attention to these 5 things, a divorce may happen

If you do not pay attention to these 5 things, a divorce may happen

“My husband said, if change does not happen, he thinks to divorce me.” “We now have nothing in common. “She’s not the same person we were when we got married. “We’re very busy right now, and we do not have time together for each other.” Pengacara Perceraian There are some phrases that I often hear and disclose by couples who consult with me. I listen to them and prepare to help them. But I was surprised when some of my friends came to consult. Pengacara Perceraian This should not happen, but I think maybe they can not succumb to the pressure of divorce. Divorce can happen to anyone no exception my friends. Pengacara Perceraian During my years of working experience, I’ve found some reasons people know about, but they do not pay attention to them. Not paying attention to these things leads to a shift in their relationship and divorce. Although there are many elements that lead to divorce, here are five things I find consistently in couples who have problems.

Pengacara Perceraian

1. Busyness
Children have sports activities from Monday to Friday, and even Saturdays. Father and mother work late and then go to the gym as much as they can. Busyness like this can destroy a relationship. Sacrifice some things to spend time with the most important person in your life. You will not regret it when fixing your relationship. What you regret is if you do not take the time for your loved ones.

2. Finance
Debt is something that can not be underestimated, disagree in spending money and having separate savings are things that can cause tension in a relationship. This tension, in a long time, can break the relationship. The solution is to have an agreement how you and your spouse will spend and save your money. Teach your children how to manage finances. This can provide the power they can use in their future household relationships.

3. Family
If you consistently give top priority to your parents, relatives or other families, you will create problems in your marriage. You need to prioritize your relationship in every circumstance.

4. Egoism
The sooner you treat your spouse the way you want to be treated, the less chance your marriage ends in divorce. When you decide that a relationship is centered on you, it will harm others in the relationship. No one wants to be close to selfish people – including your children (they want to be loved first, before you love you).

5. Sex
If you do not do so, get started immediately. The less passionate you are in your marriage, the more likely it is to end up in divorce. If you are facing the ring in the middle of the road, skip the ring. Do not reject affection in your relationship. This is a marriage prostitute.

All of these things may seem “off-the-shelf,” but they can lead your relationship to the worst place if you do not do it consistently. The key is self-awareness and willing to do something different. When you know there’s a problem, get it done. Do not just hope this problem will pass or your partner will solve it. Marriage is a difficult thing, but marriage also provides a joyful experience in your life.


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