Important Rules of how to use electric razor Properly

Important Rules of how to use electric razor Properly

Important Rules of how to use electric razor Properly

Having close and quick save, while do not cause any bleeding become one of great thing among men. While the electric razors can reduce the blood lose and cut off the time, its still can cause troublesome when you are trying to get perfect shave. In you base daily, shaving is one of the activity that you cannot miss. So, this is also important to know how to use electric razor properly to get your maximum shave. Of course, you also need proper preparation and aftercare which also becomes the best key to optimize your electric shaver. When you know how to use electric razor in proper way, your day will lighter and enhance your look than before.

how to use electric razor

Here several rules that you should know about how to use electric razor:

Always be prepared

As mentioned above that you should have proper preparation first to know how to use electric razor properly. Unless if you are using one of type of wet and dry shavers, which also can be used with or without water, you will get better result than you can get by using electric shaver if your stubble was bone stiff and dry as well. To ensure that your shaver is free of dirt and sebum, then you can use shaving products which contain alcohol based for pre electric shaving. Most of them were formulated with many ingredients, such as vitamin E that ensure your skin will be protected and avoid to get any irritation. This is one of base rule that you should know about how to use electric razor.

Keep it cool

As we know that your electric shaver was motorized, most of electric shavers can cause opertaional heat as well. This is also bad news for those who have sensitive skin because it can lead irritation. You should handle sensitive areas first, such as neck while the shaver still in cool condition. You are able to press lightly and do not go in same spot frequently.

Knowing your right angle

To know how to use electric razor, you should hold your shave in your right angle, use your free hand to pull off your skin while you are shaving so the hairs in upright condition. It ensures that you get maximum contact with your skin, reducing your shaving time and minimize getting snagging.


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