CCTV Benefits in the Workplace

CCTV Benefits in the Workplace

CCTV Benefits in the Workplace

The presence of surveillance cameras placed in offices or workplaces is very useful. The benefits of CCTV at work sites are used to monitor some things that escape from surveillance. These will help both the boss and the security officer to supervise the work area. Especially, the work area is wide and hard to reach.

Some of the things below are the use of installing CCTV in the workplace:

Preventing Crime

Criminals usually observe their criminal location targets first. The existence of CCTV will be one of the points that make criminals will think again to target the company’s assets and assets. CCTV Jakarta will record the suspicious movements of criminals before they commit a crime. Recordings displayed on the screen can be seen by security personnel and security officers can secure offenders before a crime occurs. That way, crime can be prevented and company assets can be saved.

Monitoring Activities In The Work Area

For a work area that has many people in it, like a Mall, office space with dozens of employees, as well as few people, CCTV Jakarta can be a watchdog that covers a large area. Large areas will make it difficult for the human eye to look at it as a whole. Therefore, CCTV is required to monitor activities that are not monitored by the supervisory eye. CCTV also makes it possible for security inspectors to look through different monitors in each area covered by CCTV cameras.

Supervising Employee Performance

In addition to overseeing the activities of human-back and forth, the presence of CCTV can also have an impact on employee activities. Performance of employees can increase as supervision of activities they do. Employees will feel that they are being watched and can focus on their activities. Employees also will not be arbitrary to relax or in and out of their work area. That way, the boss can also monitor and evaluate the performance of employees from recordings produced by CCTV.

Providing Evidence In the Event of Crime

With the help of CCTV, recording can be used as one of supporting evidence or against. Such evidence may be a recording of CCTV referring to activities related to the alibi of the offender. The results of the recording can also be used as consideration for legal officers who are authorized to be processed.

Protecting Company Assets From Losses

Company assets are very valuable, especially concerning the assets of both physical and non-physical. Installation of CCTV Jakarta can avoid and protect directly these valuable assets. For example, antiques and very valuable that require high protection in the museum. The goods must be fitted with CCTV with sophisticated security also to avoid thieves who dare to approach.


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